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Toyota Celica GT-FOUR  




Toyota Celica GT-FOUR 

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This was a kit I purchased to meet a minimum internet order, but was completed very quickly, which pleased me no end!
I wanted to replicate the Rally service cars we had seen so many times while following our round of the World Rally Championships, so low, big rims and engine modifications were the order of the day!
Engine parts were hard to find, so the modifications are based around the drivetrain for the moment.
The OZ wheels are 18" items, sitting on drastically lowered suspension. This was done by replacing the struts with hand built items, using aluminium tubing and the kits hub carriers. I therefore had infinite movement of the suspension before gluing it all together.
The kit's exhaust was changed for a Group A rally item finished off with a nice fat tip!
The model had to be built according to the WRC spec, utilising the wing packers of the homologation version. It also has the Euro spec front lip.
The interior features Sparco Rally style seats and steering wheel, all trimmed in black leather.

Watch the rear lights, the instructions are incorrect regarding the posistion of the reverse lights! Mine are correct!
The body was painted using a Diamond white automotive paint, and then cut and polished using Autoglym compounds.
The engine adds a final touch of class, and was great fun to build. I plan to add engine modifications as and when they turn up.
It was a hard kit to assemble though, with the front light assembly being very fussy to assemble, as were some of the engine components.

But the kit looks great amongst the collection, as rare as the real cars are on British roads!


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