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Tamiya's Porsche GT3 Road car  
The second Tamiya release in the 996 body shape, the GT3 had all the body additions I require in a model! It was then purchased and progress started.
Alfa Romeo Silver was used as I had some left over, and it had the crisp, bluey hue I was after for this kit. It was airbrushed over all the required parts, and everything lacquered apart from the chassis, which I always leave un-lacquered as would the manufacturer.

The chassis was masked off for the semi gloss black using Tamiya masking tape, and the engine was given a black wash and the oil filter picked out in blue. I have used this masking tape many times and it is simply the best I have ever bought, with hardly any leaks. As long as the edges are sealed with a thin, mist coat of paint, the results are always perfect!
The chassis was built as per the instructions, and the stance is perfect. The callipers were painted gloss red and silver used to spray the disks, the hubs being picked out in black.
The interior was sprayed in semi-gloss black and the kit carpet used to line the rear area and the tiny 'GT3' logo placed into it's position. The lettering was duplicated on all the switches using a toothpick and brings the dash to life.

The rear lights do not have any orange on them, contrary to what the instructions say! The lenses are clear smoke with just an orange bulb giving a slight orangey hint to the lens. This was replicated using Tamiya smoke and clear orange to produce the desired effect.
Hindsight would lead me to thin the side skirts at the top, so they sit closer to the bodywork, but they are reasonable as they are. The skirts glue over the top of the standard 996 sills and I guess Tamiya could only make them so thin. I would recommend the skirts are filed thinner if you build this kit.
The body was then lacquered over, the lights too, and then the kit has been placed in the cabinet to fully harden before cutting and polishing. This coincides with a long trip to Australia, and so will be finished when I get back. be continued.


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