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Like all of the best modellers, I often start projects but never finish them! There is always hope that one day it will sit completed in the cabinet however so I never give up!

I am one of those that would never give away a completed model, they are too dear to me after spending all those hours on them!
I also have more models than I could ever complete! Another facet of a true modeller!!!

These are some of the projects I have started or plan soon...

Nismo R32 Skyline S-Tune
Based on the car available in Gran Turismo 3, and a continuation of my Skyline series, this project will be based, unsurprisingly, on Tamiya' base R32 road car.
The exterior will be sprayed with Black metallic paint and the wheels in a dark titanium silver. A Fujimi spun ally exhaust, lowering job and race decals will complete the outside, and I will hopefully locate some engine tuning goodies before too long!

Mitsubishi EVO 6 eXtreme
I have already started converting the Fujimi parts over to the Tamiya base, as Tamiya captured the shape of the Lancer bodyshell better. Colour will be the Silver/graphite combination. Fujimi supply the superb eXtreme wheels and are a work of art! My cousin completed Fujimi's version of the Zero Fighter for those interested in doing that version.


Toyota Supra 3.0 TT Euro version
I have wanted to add this kit to my collection ever since decided to model all the major Japanese GT cars. The kit turned up on ebay and so I snapped it up!
Many options are available such as LHD or RHD dash as well as parts to make Japanese, American or European specification! Well done Tamiya!
I have picked up a HKS Superdragger exhaust and 18" Blitz wheels for this model. Body colour will be black.


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