Tamiya KURE Nismo GT-R  

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I bought this kit to convert into a road car, again a move inspired by Gran Turismo! But after I decided to take it to Australia for something to do on those quiet evenings it was built as per the instructions!
Looking at the completed model I am glad I made that choice as it looks superb! The metallic black paint and enormous rear wing give it an aggressive look, and the white split rim wheels stand out well.
Ford Panther Black was chosen for the colour, and it has just the right amount of metal particles in the paint to look scale. I recommend that colour to anyone who makes this model.
The front of the car is dominated by the opening for the massive intercooler and the left headlight houses an opening for the air filters, the other headlight is redundant and covered up, which also gives it that mean look! Tiny projector lenses provide any needed light for racing!

The usual additions have been used on the model, such as photo etched bonnet pins and fastners. Carbon fibre decal was used on the dashboard, and centre control panel, as well as the rear undertray.
Photos show model with small parts yet to be added!


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