Tamiya Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec (R33)    

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A rare kit in the UK, this was purchased after the release of Gran Turismo as I wanted to build a car typical of that game.
It coincided with a week off work, and was completed very quickly, within a week!
The paint is BMW Athemist Purple basecoat, applied through the airbrush. Hycote supplied the primer and lacquer, and are superb choices for plastic modelling, though hard to find here.
Tamiya captured the Skyline superbly, and it was great fun to build. Only after building the kit did I find the rear indicators are clear, not orange according to the instructions! Tamiya often state the turn signal lenses are colours they are not, so research them well!
A good friend bought a Skyline exactly the same as this one, and I have had the pleasure of driving it! This has long been one of the favourite kits in my collection.
It was the first of what hopefully will be a full collection of Nissan's Skyline history!

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