Tamiya Subaru WRX STI    

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Inspired by the release of Gran Turismo 3, the STI version of Subaru's controversial new WRX was a kit tooled by Tamiya as part of a new simpler kit range. Many have not fallen for the new bodyshell, but cannot doubt the ability of the new STI tuned Impreza! Subaru Technica International is Subaru Japans tuning arm, and are responsible for many successful and superb handling cars, and I hope to add more of them to the collection.
This was also a new route for Tamiya with many parts were either pre-coloured or simpler, the whole underside being moulded as one part.
But also to my delight, they included some of the new innovations, such as the metal badges and mirrors.
The model was built box stock, and fitted out with the UK's new registration plate configuration. White was chosen as I liked the clean, fresh look of the car in Gran Turismo and I like Subarus to be white, I feel it suits the design well.
I know have the WRC version of this car, and it would be possible to make the Prodrive version of this model using parts from both kits! Hmmm, a future project?

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