Born in 1974, in Southport, England, I started modelling around 10 years of age. I now live in Northampton, a central English town close to Silverstone, Rockingham and Santa Pod raceways. Local to us are Cosworth Engineering and Ilmor, the company responsible for the McLaren f1 Team engines.
I have a passion for model cars, particularly Tamiya's, I find their quality superb, though I often like to modify their subjects, as they often lack the accessories I like to see on cars, such as the bigger wheels, lowered suspension and body kits.
Many of my older kits no longer exist, only recently did I acquire a cabinet to place them in. It's something I would suggest any serious collector purchases as soon as possible! One of my biggest regrets is losing the many models I built over the years to dust and damage!
The internet is a powerful tool for researching projects, and often many hours are spent surfing for photos and inspiration before a model is started, especially race cars where accuracy is important.

My current road car is a Honda Prelude 2.2 VTI, and has fuelled my passion for Japanese cars. It is superb in every way and the engineering faultless!
It is Iceberg Silver in colour and fitted with the Honda Bodykit. Eibach springs were used to lower it, and a set of Lenso Concept 5 wheels fitted, 18 X 7.5J in size with a set of Falken 451 215/35/18 tyres. The rear lights are the controversial Altezza style! Overdone in the States but different here, so I am happy to keep them, though the lack of orange turn signals makes them awkward here in England!



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