I have been building model cars for the past 15 years but am building more now than ever!!!
Inspired by the power of the net and the Car modelling section of Automotive forums, I have finally put the time into producing this site! I hope it can motivate you with the same enthusiasm I have gained from other modeller' sites, and help with any projects you are undertaking!

My main interest is in Japanese High Performance Race and Road Cars, but like most other modellers, I never turn down a kit that motivates or inspires a good project!

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Current Projects

Tips and Advice

bulletMitsubishi lancer EVO IV
bulletHonda S2000 'Marga Hills'

Much experience has been gained over the years!
Help and advice can be found in the FAQ I have compiled, or email me with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions about...
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Buying Model cars
Model car windows
Paint types
Filler and Putty
Glue types
Photoetched Parts
Model Tyres


Photo Gallery

Visit the Gallery for details and pictures of my collection.
Photos taken using FujiFinepix 4900Zoom Digicam.

Communities & Forums


bullet Car Modelling Forum
bullet Subway Modelling (WOW!)
bullet Lau Bak's site

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